Fried & Frosted

Fried & Frosted is a sandwich shop, serving innovative and wild flavor combinations. But these sandwiches are not served on your average buns. Fried & Frosted is where savory and sweet sandwiches are served in between freshly made doughnuts that satisfy the craziest of cravings.


For such a fun and playful concept of combining contrasting flavors, I wanted to create a fun and playful feeling for my identity to match. You will see different graphical illustrations and pattern explorations that I created with those themes in mind. As a nod to the contrasted flavor concept, I wanted to create an illusion in my logo displaying a funky fried egg that doubles to a frosted donut, creating a clever relationship to the name Fried & Frosted. This restaurant serves these savory stuffed decadent donuts in style with intentions of making you feel hole and full.

Art Direction: Scott Laserow

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